Private Trade Program

Private Trade Program

Perhaps the most common misconception regarding  auction platforms is that they are the exclusive domain of the ultra rich through secretive, invitation-only auctions. Well that is how it used to be until recently.

Often, clients are told that they must have large, upfront net worth to gain access to these exclusive investments or auctions.  With PTP there are no upfront fees and any company or individual  that passes compliance/due diligence can participate in the programs that PTP facilitates.

However, the platforms are bound by law to conduct a thorough due diligence on each applicant and his cash/bank instrument. To pass compliance – it is of utmost importance that the submitted documentation is truthful, fully verifiable and fully compliant with the requirements and procedures for the particular program. If there are any doubts or issues – the platform can refuse without having to provide any reason/explanation or recourse.

Private Trade Program simply involves buying and selling authenticate antiques around the world. At any given time some collectors must liquidate their collection and will sell their items at a discount. Other collectors are cash rich and wish to add to their portfolio and will pay a premium for these rare sought after items. Private Trade is the instrument by which these trades take place. Private Trade Platforms only trade rare and exotic items through arbitrage. What arbitrage means is that the buyer and seller contracts have to be agreed and binding before the discounted value of  trades take place.

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