Private Auction

Private Auction

There are many advantages to the “Private Auction” method over a Private treaty, sealed bid or Public Auction. For one, the bidders can bid from anywhere; also they have time to study the item, bid, study more and bid again. This flexibility allows more buyers more opportunity to bid, and achieve their highest bidding level.

Online auctions like E-bay offer many of the same flexibility advantages, however they lack one key ingredient – personal selling. Often an auction item would not reach the sale price it does if it wasn’t for a well-trained agent encouraging and assisting bidders during the sale.

Whether you’re selling a 2,000 acre farm on the plains or a strip center in the city, the Public and Private Auction methods will work for you. After years of utilizing the Private Auction we have refined it into our most powerful, and effective, marketing system available.

The advantage to the Seller is maximum exposure to the buyer pool, unlimited price potential; flexibility for buyers allowing for higher bidding, and owner confirmation offering control for the Seller. Also, the uniqueness of the Private Auction sales methods generates the “buzz” necessary to draw greater interest and more active, and competitive, bidding. Bidders may also engage in active bidding from anywhere by phone!

Finally, the private aspect of the Private Auction allows more players to take a part in the process. Often at a one-day public auction bidders are influenced by the competition. However with the Private Auction they can feel comfortable bidding alongside anyone and have time to prepare for bidding to their maximum potential.

Minimize Expense, While Maximizing Exposure
Many companies choose to pass along their advertising costs to their Seller’s. Let’s face it, while a great deal of the money spent to advertise your auction item does benefit its sale, much of the exposure benefits us as well. That is why we pay for the advertising and do not charge you a no-sale fee if your item does not sell.