About us

About Us

JV Auction is a multifaceted technological firm, founded with a focus on bringing value to the mass markets through the use of unique technologies and a global collaborative economy concept.

Incorporated in the tax havens of the British Virgin Islands, JV Auction introduces an opportunity for its community to fund the acquisition of various assets and obtain a percentage of the returns after every auction.

about us

JV Auction Corporate Culture


To provide our members the opportunity to participate in the niche auction markets by acquisition of assets at the lowest price and introducing these items to our clientele via our online auction platform


To be the top online collaborative auction house providing a constant inventory of multifaceted products

Our Management

Dennis Martin<br />
Managing Director

Dennis Martin
Managing Director

A strong team leader with a pragmatic approach in getting the best out of the team, Managing Director Dennis Martin aims to achieve JV Auction’s growth projections and targets in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Graduated MBA in Business Administration at New York University, Martin worked in companies like Samsung and Honeywell before joining JV Auction.
Martin envision JV Auction to become a mainstream wealth generation for people from all walks of life and to become a powerhouse in the online auction industry

Wayne Elliott<br />
Technology Director

Wayne Elliott
Technology Director

Technology Director Wayne Elliott is accountable for devising and establishing IT policies and systems to support the implementation of strategies set by the management team. With experience working in Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Apple Inc, Elliott understands the importance of creating a secure platform where clients can have peace of mind when investing.
Elliott received Masters in Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

By leveraging technology, Elliott strives to transform the entire auction industry and firmly believes that JV Auction is driving the revolution in obtaining precious and rare items for the global markets.

Mike Zhang<br />
Asia Auction Director

Mike Zhang
Asia Auction Director

Mike Zhang drives JV Auction’s business and endeavours to increase its revenue, identifying and developing new business opportunities. As the Asia Auction Director, he hosts auctions mainly in China and also rest of the world. Zhang is also an expert in high quality jewellery and other high valued items. He also coordinates the acquisition of high-quality diamonds from the various sources in Capetown.

Zhang’s previous employment as Marketing Manager at Chow Tai Fook and Operations Director at Alibaba has enriched him about the industry prior to his appointment at JV Auction. With the knowledge and expertise he amassed, Zhang believes in bringing JV Auction’s platform and services to everyone around the world.

Message from our MD

“Times are changing, and with the current advancements in technology, businesses are also evolving. With the rise of the collaborative economy, anyone has an opportunity to work with a platform and start a powerful stream of income through a collaborative effort with like minded individuals. JV Auction has the vision to bring the everyday person into the luxurious world of auctions, allowing everyone to be able to take part in the funding of high-end commodities from the comfort of their home”

– Managing Director, Dennis Martin

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